Ed Fornieles
Worldbuilding: Gaming And Art In The Digital Age (Group Show)

Julia Stoschek Collection (JSC), Düsseldorf

5 Jun 2022 – 10 Dec 2023
Korakrit Arunanondchai
From dying to living (Solo Show)

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

17 Sep 2022 – 9 Apr 2023
Evelyn Taocheng Wang
Horizons (Solo Show)

 Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Köln (Museum for East-Asian Arts, Cologne)

21 Oct 2022 – 10 Apr 2023
Issy Wood
Brave New World: 16 Painters for the 21st Century (Group Show)

Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, the Netherlands

28 Jan – 11 Jun 2023
Pilvi Takala
Close Watch (Solo Show)

Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA), Espoo, Finland

1 Feb – 7 May 2023
Rose Salane
Beyond a Certain Point There Is No Return (Group Show)

A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

8 Feb – 9 Apr 2023
Pilvi Takala
Out of Office: This isn't working for us (Group Show)

Impakt, Utrecht, the Netherlands

10 Feb – 10 Apr 2023
Korakrit Arunanondchai
Au-delà: Rituals for a new world (Group Show)

Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

15 Feb – 7 May 2023
Pilvi Takala
Telling Stories (Group Show)

Antre Peaux, Transpalette Centre d'Art Contemporain, Bourges, France

24 Feb – 23 Apr 2023
Antonio Tarsis
recipe for disaster (Solo Show)

Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil
Opens 4 Mar 2023

Sable Elyse Smith
Emancipation: The Unfinished Project of Liberation (Group Show)

Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas

12 Mar – 9 Jul 2023
Pilvi Takala
On Discomfort (Solo Show)

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), London

19 Mar – 4 Jun 2023
Josiane M.H. Pozi
Notes on Cinema: The 22nd Courtisane Film Festival

Ghent, Belgium

29 Mar – 2 Apr 2023
Evelyn Taocheng Wang
An Equivocal Contrast (Solo Show)

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

21 Apr – 9 Jul 2023
Stuart Middleton
Incubation: a space for monsters (Book Launch)

The Horse Hospital, London
25 April 2022 

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