Richard Sides


b.1985, UK
Lives and works in Berlin

2012: MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2008: BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam, UK

Solo Exhibitions and Projects

Basic Vision, Carlos/Ishikawa at KOW, Berlin

The Matrix, Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

Dwelling, Kunstverein Braunschweig

PURE HATE, Liszt, Berlin

INVISIBLE WORLD, Carlos/Ishikawa, London
Owned by No One, Caro Sposo, Paris

Don’t Blow it in the Vector, Kunsthalle Winterthur
happiness happening hunting, tongewölbe T25, Ingolstadt
Frame, Frieze New York

the omega point just ate his brains…, Carlos/Ishikawa, London

Stop Killing my Buzz, Zabludowicz Collection, London
He tried to be a nice guy, but it just didn’t work out..., RCA, London

Curatorial Projects and Group Shows

INTERESTS, Schiefe Zähne, Berlin
Richard Sides & Nicole-Antonia Spagnola, Slow Dance (4), Stadtgalerie Bern

Minimal Input: Algorithmic Art Gathering, C-LAB, Taipei
The Wig, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn
The Wig
, Mostyn, Wales

The 2021 ars viva award (part 2), Kunstverein Hannover
Jahresgaben, Kunstverein Für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf
Paradis, Claude Balls Int, La Maison R&C, Marseille
Time Without End, Fluentum, Berlin
Buffers, Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA), Berlin
Tourism, Kunsthaus Glarus

The 2021 ars viva award (part 1): Rob Crosse, Richard Sides, Sung Tieu, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
Tokyo Detroit Berlin, Tokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo
Bureau de Change, Campoli Presti, London
KASTEN, Stadtgalerie, Bern

Clipping the Din, curated by Daniel Baumann, Matthew Hanson, Kathrin Bentele (as part of curated by 2019 — Circulation), Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
Emotion is an Unlimited Resource, Stadtgalerie, Bern

As much about forgetting, Viborg Kunthal, Denmark
BUG OUT, Schiefe Zähne, Berlin
EURO, Haus zur Liebe, Berlin
Hack, Kiefholzstr 402, Berlin
Reduced to Clear (with Gili Tal), 3236RLS, London
li(f)e (conceived by Richard Sides and Lukas Quietzsch), Carlos Ishikawa hosting Queer Thoughts & Schiefe Zähne, Condo London

Death Lolz, Ludlow38, New York
Vegans, China Chalet, New York
Kleingeld, Rolando Anselmi, Berlin
Scattered Disk, Center for Contemporary Art Futura, Prague
Geometry of Now, (curated by Mark Fell), V-A-C foundation, Moscow
TISCH (with Max Ruf), Kiefholzstr 401, Berlin

Up Down Top Bottom Strange and Charm, Art Sheffield, Sheffield
Rough House. A Woodmill & The Glue Factory (project conceived by Alastair Frazer), Glasgow International, The Glue Factory, Glasgow
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Primo Piano, Paris
CONDO Clothes Shop, Carlos/Ishikawa, London, UK
Plural Melts, Yvon Lambert, Berlin, Germany
Novel Magazine, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
Six Memos for the Next Millennium II, A Cave, Mallorca, Spain
The Enthusiasts, Te Tuhi, Auckland, New Zealand
Le Bourgeois, 3236rls, London, UK

The boys the girls and the political (curated by Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot), Lisson Gallery, London
The Absolute Outside, Spor Klübü, Berlin
euro2015 (with Andrew Munks), Boiler Room
Reality Check, Cafe Oto, London
ITALY, Watch-It Gallery, London
Rumours @ Rundgang, Stadelschule, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

The mechanical garden and other long encores (a Woodmill production conceived by Naomi Pearce), The Woodmill, London
World Music (with Steve Bishop), Carlos/Ishikawa, London
La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’objet (with Angharad Williams), Emba – Galerie
Edouard Manet, Gennevilliers, Paris
Journal, ICA, London
Painful zombies quickly watch a jinxed graveyard (with Ian Law and Lorenzo Senni, curated by Almanac), Cripta747, Turin
30th Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Present Fictions, David Roberts Art Foundation, London

To clear the bush from your garden (with Steve Bishop), David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
Kill the Gibson (enjoy voting conservative just to spite chumbawamba), performance as part of Young
London 2013, V22, London
Music made by computers for star systems, Ravenna Planetarium, Italy
Wendel! Open Your Door, The Woodmill @ CGP London
YouScreen IScreen UnScreen Sunscreen, Library+, London
Fortune tellers make a killing nowadays (w/ Angharad Williams), The Lombard Method,
Sound Spill (with Thom O’Nions), Zabludowicz Collection, New York,2013
BUS #1, Visions Video Bar, London

That Was Now, Borusan, Istanbul
Pluto Dreams, Raum, Bologna
Kill the Gibson (w/ Mark Fell, Lorenzo Senni, Ben Vida, Simon Werner), Zabludowicz
Collection, London
Sound Space Systems (w/Lorenzo Senni - PLUTO), CADS, Sheffield
General Practice, The Woodmill GP, London
Performance w/ Haroon Mirza, MOMA, Warsaw
Stop killing my buzz, Zabludowicz Collection, London
Fortune tellers make a killing nowadays (w/Angharad Williams), PAMI, London
Kill the Gibson Veil (w/ Jack Lavender, Stuart Middleton, Simon Werner, Angharad Williams),
Gallery Vela, London
Stereopsis, The Drawing Room, London
Show RCA 2012, London
Soundworks, ICA, London
Kill the Gibson (w/ Sol Archer, Stuart Middleton, Yuri Pattison, Lorenzo Senni), SPACE, London
Sound Spill, Galerie West, Den Haag

GS 3, An Echo Button Event, Chisenhale Gallery, London
LuckyPDF Live Broadcasts, Frieze Art Fair, London
Truth (online),
Gewaltopia and Other Places, Flat Time House, London
(In the days of the) ROID, Crate Project Space, Margate
The Joyful System... , SPACE, London
On Revolutions for the Heavenly Spheres, Supplement Gallery, London
BYOB London
Elephants at The Woodmill - Nicolas Party, The Woodmill, London
Expanded - Projections by Thorbjorn Andersen, Modtar, Copenhagen
The Present Archive (with Thom O’Nions), The Woodmill, London

Chromatologies, Rotherham
Enjoy Evol, Enjoy Artspace, Leeds
Initial Points 1, 2 & 3 (Performance), The Woodmill, London
Systematic Studio Performance, 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London
Relatively Prime, Galerie Stadtpark, Krems, Austria
The Devil’s Necktie, The Woodmill, London
Pale Blue Dot / Mark Fell - Coherence and Proximity, The Woodmill, London

Man in the Dark (with Alastair Frazer, Thom O’Nions, Naomi Pearce), The Woodmill, London
Radical Sound Practices, The Woodmill, London, 2010
Reading a Wave (with Thom O’Nions), The Woodmill, London, 2010
There is no solution because there is no problem (with Angharad Williams), Various, Sheffield

Gestalt II, Outlet Gallery, Manchester
Sound Spill, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
A partially joyless carousel of quantics, Supplement Gallery, London